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The Core Banking Solution for modern Banks delivers an optimum user experience focused on intuitive navigation, coupled with proven and powerful product factory capabilities. It also has a sophisticated layered design over a modular architecture. The solution meets the competition challenges for financial institutions not only in terms of expanding their business offering, but also catering to superior customer service.

The Solution incorporates all Banking functions on one single platform, front-to-back, making it a complete Core Banking software package. The solution ensures a high degree of automation, risk-free deployment, full STP workflow coverage, ease of use and low-cost operations. It is the ideal, flexible ready-to-use banking system to support traditional or neo banks.

Why choose the Core Banking solution by Profile Software?

Why choose the Core Banking solution by Profile Software?

The Core Banking Solution utilises a highly modular component-based architecture that allows easy implementation either as stand-alone or to be gradually deployed, maximising the Bank’s Return-On-Investment. With rich functionality, it is among the top banking software solutions that help Banks to proactively meet the market’s ever-evolving demands.

Given customer and industry reviews, Profile’s Banking Software Solution has been awarded a number of distinctions making it one of the best banking systems in this domain.

Clients Testimonials

Allica Bank

"We have been working with Profile as a trusted partner to support us in the build of Allica Bank since the beginning."

Simon Bateman CIO @ Allica Bank


"Finuevo Core allows us to reduce the origination cost of secured loans by over 70%."

Henrik Takkenberg Director @ Fiduciam

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Finuevo Core is an API-driven, cloud-enabled and versatile core banking platform

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